Neverland in Wonderland FAQ

Q: What is the Neverland in Wonderland Tea?

A: The Neverland in Wonderland Tea is an interactive afternoon tea experience inspired by Peter Pan and friends and includes fun activities and themed food and drinks.

Q: When will this tea event take place?

A: We offer this experience from April 4, 2020 to June 19, 2020.

Q: What does the interactive experience activities includes?

A: Some of the activities will include: Revealing your Neverland identity, a full  themed foods and desserts, kids Fairy potion, Treasure chest challenge and more.

We will also offer extra add-on experiences (not included in the afternoon tea price).

Q: How much does this experience cost?

A: The cost is $39 per person (ages 12 and up) and $25 per child (ages 4 to 11).

Q: Can I come and not eat or share my food?

A: We have a minimum price of $30 per person for our tea events. While you do not have to eat, you will be charged based on seats taken so we encourage you to enjoy the full experience.

Q: Do you offer Gluten Free options or allergy free options?

A: We do offer allergy free options, however, the neverand food and desserts will be different as we can't offer the entire options.

***If you have a life threatening condition due to food allergy, we strongly suggest not to eat our food as our kitchen is not allergy certified and we process food allergen in our kitchen***

Q: How long is the experience?

A: The whole experience including the food is about 60-90 min. We ask people (especially during the weekend) to be considerate and clear the table for the next party as soon as you are done.

Q: Is there an age minimum?

A: Yes, the minimum age is 3 years old.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation?

A: Yes! This experience is by reservations only. We ask for a credit card to hold your reservation and we ask for 12 hours cancellation notice. You will be charged $10 per person if you are a no-show or didn't cancel your reservation in time.

Q: Is this experience available only on weekends?

A: The experience is offered 7 days a week. We encourage people to try to come during the week if you would like to experience this tea more quietly (especially recommended for young children).

Q: Do you offer large party options during this tea?

A: Yes, we offer party options up to 18 people. Please check our party page for information and pricing.

Q: I'm coming from far away for this experience, what do I need to know?

A: Thank you for coming to visit us- we are about 40 min from Logan airport in Boston and about 50 min from Providence airport.

We partner with local hotels to offer discounted rooms - please email us for more information.

Q: Do you offer other options except the Neverland And Wonderland Tea?

A: from April 4 to June 19 we will only offer the Neverland in Wonderland Tea (except mother's day where we will host a special "Breakfast at Tiffany's Special Tea".

Our Wonderland Tea and a la carte' will not be offered during this time. 

Q: Will I get any souvenirs from this experience?

A: Yes, everyone will leave with their Neverland passport and edible treasure booty. You will also have a chance to win the legendary Queen of Hearts treasure.


Please remember: We are an Alice in Wonderland themed tea room! While we are excited to host the event, we still remain an Alice in Wonderland tea room.

We offer a fun and whimsical Afternoon Tea meal inspired by the book Peter Pan.

We do not offer dinner theater nor do we have actors or servers in costumes. Guests are welcome to come in costumes.


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