“What do you mean by that?” said the Caterpillar, sternly. “Explain yourself!”

What is Afternoon Tea?


Afternoon tea is a delicious three-course meal served on a tiered stand. It’s a filling meal that is sure to satisfy even the most voracious appetites! 

The bottom tier is full of hearty savories that can include different types of unique sandwiches and quiche.

The middle tier holds freshly baked warm scones with fruit preserves and devon cream

The top tier overflows with delicious and decadent sweets and desserts guaranteed to leave a smile on all our guests.

But no meal would be complete without a steaming pot of tea chosen from one of our 80 varieties!

What is a Themed Tea


Throughout the year, we offer special themed tea services. While we will always remain an Alice in Wonderland tea room, our food and desserts will be inspired from other great characters in literature or popular culture. (We wish we could transform the decor for each special event!)

Themed Teas Schedule:

Our Wonderland Experience is available all year long

Below are our special themes for Summer / Fall 2020:

July 3-6 - Captain America Freedom Tea

July 10-19 - Fairytale Whimsical Tea

July 31-August 10 - Neverland in Wonderland

August 20-31 - Sherlock Holmes 

September 17-27 - Princess and Villains 

October 15-Nov 1 - Halloween Experience 

(A tribute to Tim Burton)

 Do I need to make reservations?

For our Afternoon tea, Themed tea and Nursery tea service, reservations are required.

PRESS HERE to book your experience

Can you accommodate food allergies and dietary preferences?

We can accommodate certain allergies / dietary preferences with 48 hours notice. However, please note that our kitchen does process the following: flour, dairy, eggs, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, meat and more. If you have a life threatening condition due to food allergy, we do not recommend eating the food.

Do you have a Private Party room ?

We have a quiet section near the Queen's portrait where we can host semi-private events. We have hosted wedding showers, baby showers, and adult or children’s birthday parties! If you have an idea for a gathering of tea loving folk then call us and we will sort you out! There is a ten person minimum and a twenty-two person maximum. Email us for more information.

Can we share an Afternoon Tea or Themed Tea service?

We have designed our tea service to be enough food for one person. 

If you would like to share, then we will be obliged to charge you a shared plate fee of. We really appreciate your understanding of this annoying policy.

Do you do anything for birthdays?

We go bonkers for Birthdays!!!! We will be happy to bring the birthday girl or boy, of any age, a complimentary cupcake with a candle and sing to them…badly!!

Can I come with a larger group for Afternoon Tea or High Tea?

A: We love a big parties, the more the merrier! For more than five people we do require a credit card to hold the reservation. We won't charge you unless you don’t bother to call or email us and cancel within 24 hours. So, if you decide to go on vacation and forget to tell us, we have to charge you $10 per person! Remember to let us know if you need to cancel your big group at least 24 hours in advance!! 

If your group gets bigger than 10 people then we may have to book the party room for you which is a whole other story. 

Why do we need to do a pre order for a group of 7 or more people?

We need a pre-order for a group larger than 7 or more more because we have a small kitchen, a lot of people to serve and a variety of options. What we don’t want is unhappy guests who have to wait ages to get their order because the kitchen gets backed up to accommodate a huge, varied order of Afternoon Tea, High Tea and Queen's Boards… we want you to have the best service that is timely and tasty! Please let us help with the menu choices when you book a large group! Thank you for your understanding!

More Questions???

Email us to: info@aliceinthevillage.net

Call us: (774) 215-0250

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