Magical Add-on Options

We are excited to offer extra add-on options to enhance your experience.

Please note that all the following options are based on availability as we can't guarantee space or stock.

We suggest booking your reservation as soon as possible and picking an add-on option at the same time.

Before picking an add-on experience, make sure you are okay with the lead time and other requirements.

A conformation email will be sent to you once your add-on is confirmed.

If you have more questions please email us to and our special event coordinator will contact you.

5-10 business days advance notice required for each item and depends on availability.

Please note that we can guarantee stock for maps and newspapers.

Magical add-ons:

A copy of the Daily Prophet - this option will be delivered at the time of your reservation.


The Marauder's Mapthis option will be delivered at the time of your reservation.


Custom Acceptance letter - Get your own Hogwarts acceptance letter via muggle mail.

10 business day advance notice required.

The letter will be sent to your home address.


Custom Hagrid Cake We are excited to offer a special "Happy Birthdae Harry" Hagrid Cake. You can have your own pink frosted Hagrid Cake complete with a neon green custom message. 

The cake will be delivered to your table in a white box (the same way Harry got his cake).  

7 business days advance notice required for the Hagrid Cake. 

*** Hagrid Cake is only available at our Foxboro location*** 


Potion making 101 (SOLD OUT) - experience a potion making class before your Wizard High Tea. You will make 3 magical potions to take home with you. You will make the potions based on our recipes and spells.

All the ingredients and equipment will be provided.

Your High Tea will be served after the potion making.

Minimum age is 8 years old.

This option's cost is on a per person basis, however due to the seating setup, the entire table must purchase this option.

This option is only available during the weekend 

PRESS HERE to book your magical add-on

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